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Get always-fresh sustained organic search engine traffic to your website with our monthly SEO packages. We'll see what the competition is up to, research SEO keywords targeted at your audience, optimize your website, write and distribute SEO content, and provide you with weekly feedback. You'll have more time to nurture new leads, grow conversions, and get a speedy return on your investment.

Did you know? We're serious about keeping our promises. If we haven't achieved the promised keyword ranking at the end of an agreed timeframe, we'll work for free until you get the results you've paid for!

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Competitor Analysis

Accurate competitor analysis creates a strong platform for an effective SEO strategy capable of delivering sustained results. We'll analyze the competition's website structures, find out which of their keywords deliver results, and get a peek at the strategies, methods and techniques they are using.

We'll identify 3-5 of your strongest competitors
  • Analyze their websites' structures
  • Know which of their pages are indexed
  • See which successful keywords they are using
  • Gain insight on their domain attributes
  • Analyze their websites' structures
  • Reveal their off-site SEO strategy

Your SEO strategy will be based on a website structure tweaked for great results, keywords that target your audiences more accurately, and techn

SEO keyword research

Once we know which successful keywords your competitors are using, we'll add to them with our own audience-centric SEO keyword research. We only use authoritative sources that supply accurate information about online audiences and which terms they use to find businesses like yours. You'll receive a list of potent keywords capable of drawing qualified audiences, thereby increasing your lead generating potential. Because we include geo-targeted keywords in our results, your brick & mortar business will also be easier to find by people in your area.

Website SEO Optimization

optimization as a key service, your website will always be injected with lead-attracting keywords - whether it's in the content, headings, HTML tags, or descriptions of images. This meticulous attention to detail makes your online business more attractive to search engines, and boosts traffic to your website.

We'll Improve Your Website
  • Identify & fix technical errors
  • Boost search engine friendliness
  • Get it noticed faster
  • Help you reach more qualified leads
  • Catalyze your competitive power

Off-page SEO Optimization

Effective link building is a cornerstone of online success. Every month we'll create content which answers the questions your audiences have, and addresses their problems. We'll distribute the content to high-ranking directories, blogs and other websites visited by members of your audience, and draw them to your website with one-way links. When search engines see these links on websites in your niche, it increases its estimation of your website's importance, and boosts your search engine rank. And because the content is valuable, other websites will often link to it, generating even more qualified traffic, increasing your potential for bigger, better business.

Off-page SEO Optimization includes
  • High PR link building
  • Manual directory submissions
  • SEO article writing & distribution
  • Professional guest blogging
  • Blog-post comments

Delivers Results
  • More qualified traffic from search engines
  • Even more traffic from other websites
  • Increased brand authority in your industry
  • Improved and sustained lead nurturing
  • Higher and faster conversion potential

Campaign Tracking & Reporting

Read about our progress and the results we've achieved in a weekly report delivered straight to your inbox. And just in case you have any questions, or require assistance, remember that we're available on live chat and email.

Content Writing Services

beezSEO's Content writing services is the bee's knees in the assembly and creative delivery of online content. Our copywriters, bloggers and journalists craft attention-grabbing copy infused with clarity and sales potential. We'll keep people reading about your business, help them make informed decisions about the products and services they need in their lives, and give you more power to nurture them from prospect to client. All copy produced is on-brand, on target, and aimed at your goals, with audience-centric value as a key component.


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