Organic SEO FAQ

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Q: What is organic SEO?

A: Also known as "unpaid SEO", organic SEO refers to optimization efforts that affect a website's visibility in search engine result pages. These do not include ads displayed on those pages.

Q: Do you use software to automate your services?

A: No. Our strict by-hand-only policy ensures that each one of our services receive the care, consideration and effort associated with great results. Search engines often give preference to websites which have been optimized by hand.

Q: Can you get my website to the top of Google's search results?

A: Short answer, yes. However, if you are in a popular industry where there is a lot of competition, it might require more resources and more time to get you to the top.

Q: Do I really need keywords?

A: Yes. Keywords are the words and phrases that members of your audience use to find the websites they are looking for on the internet. Our SEO keyword research service is affordable, and will identify keywords and phrases members of your target audience use.

Q: Can I do my own keyword research?

A: Yes. A number of tools are available that can simplify the process. But remember that different types of audiences use different keywords, e.g. people who want to learn more about organic SEO might search for "organic search engine optimization", while "organic SEO company" will provide a list of businesses that offer it as a service. Keyword research can take a long time if you don't have any experience.

Q: Is SEO blog commenting effective?

A: Yes, but only if it contributes to the topic of the blog post being commented on. Unfortunately many companies focus on quick & easy comments instead of creating value for their clients. Our aim is to contribute our clients' authority on industry-relevant blogs, with comments that keep conversations going.

Q: Can you write articles, blogs and press releases?

A: Yes. We have teams of copywriters, bloggers and journalists who write on-brand and on-target copy for clients that don't have in-house copywriting teams. Our search engine optimization packages includes options for businesses with and without their own writing teams.

Q: Will a once-off investment in optimization be enough for my website?

A: It depends: if there isn't a lot of competition in your niche, and if you add new content to your website infrequently, you could rank highly with once-off SEO website optimization and effective link building. In most cases, search engine optimization is a continuous activity that delivers great results over a period of time. Results depend on the niche, and resources dedicated to SEO.

Q: Will you really work for free when I choose your monthly SEO packages?

A: Yes, but only if we haven't achieved the results we promised in the specified timeframe. We'll continue working free of charge until we make good the promise we made when you singed up for the monthly SEO package.


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