Manual Directory Submission

Get your website submitted to the internet's 'yellow pages'. Directories are websites that contain lists of businesses according to industry, and category. People use them to find businesses who can help them solve their problems, while search engines use them to find problem-solving businesses.

Our manual directory submission services puts your website on the map, making it easier for qualified audience members to find your business. Because we select the directories we submit to carefully, and because we take the time to perform each submission by hand with keyword-rich information, search engines will increase your rank potential. A better rank means more traffic, more leads, and the opportunity to grow your bottom line organically.

How to choose your manual directory submission package

Choosing your directory submission package is easy: simply choose the number of times you want your business submitted to an online directory. We only submit to a directory once, which means you'll find your keyword-rich business description on as many directories as there are submissions in your package.

Example:Choose DS-200 to get your business submitted to 200 industry-relevant online directories. We'll divide the 15 of your best keywords among the submissions to concentrate your rank potential.

You'll receive weekly reports on the progress we've made from your dedicated project manager. And if you have any questions, just remember we're available on email support and live chat.

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DS-50 DS -100 DS -150 DS -200
Submissions 50 100 150 200
Targeted Keywords 5 10 10 15
Top Rated Web Directories
Manual Submission - 100% Organic
Dedicated Project Manager
Email Support
Live Chat Support
Detailed Reports(xlsx format) weekly weekly weekly weekly
Completion Time 4 weeks 8 weeks 10 weeks 12 weeks
$49 $69 $89 $119
Ordering Process
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